Monday, July 17, 2006

May Crowning, steady in July

Some phantom strung a cryptic, empty power pack on her wrist.

Glass and Mirror Shop

This storefront has been immaculate for years, but it has the unfortunate distinction of reflecting the instant depression shopping plaza.

Double-Flowered Rose of Sharon

I've been quite keen on photographing examples of Rose of Sharon because it was my favorite flower when I was my daughter's age, living in Indianapolis in 1976, back when so many gents had apostolic hairdos and most everyone shared the guilt of poor fashion. Back then, I adored the single-flowered Rose of Sharon, the ones bearing white or purple blooms with red, satin centers. Alas, I have not yet gotten out to the local park where the classic varieties are close enough for a macro shot.


North End Tavern

The Spare Room

Northland Lanes